Fruition Update: Part Three

Welcome to Post Three. If you missed the intro to my Fruition Update Week, you can get caught up here

With my mind on buying a new car later this summer, I sometimes window shopped on Craigslist. One day this ad went up for a really lovely 2004 VW Jetta Wagon TDI.

When I saw the listing, I thought "Dammit, that's exactly the car I want! If only this were July already!"

Then about a week later, my dad called with a proposal to buy my existing car and pick it up from me in a month. Just like that, everything became very real.

There are not many of these cars around, at least not used. People buy them and just drive them into the ground. People LOVE these cars. And a wagon? The manual wagon at that? Yeah, they're even harder to find.

In the Denver area, there were exactly two. One was at a shady car dealership, and the other was that perfect listing. The day that car went up, I knew it was my car. Even though I had no way to buy it, even though I thought I wouldn't be buying a car for months. That was my car.

Then my dad called. Then I got approved for an auto loan.

I called the dealership, test drove the car and bought it all in the same day.

For my last 3 cars, I've had this little bell dangling from my rearview mirror. The idea (according to the included card at time of purchase) is that you ring the bell to get the Universe's attention, and then you set your intention while you have the Universe's ear. I call it my wishing bell, and every time I look at it, I think of all the dreams I have.

In the new car, I have a pomegranate necklace hanging from the mirror instead. It reminds me of all the wholesome growth that is bearing fruit in my life. No more reminders of what's missing or what-ifs. Instead, a focus on what is, and on all that is good.

2. enjoyment, as of something attained or realized.

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