Final Fruition Update

It's been a good year. In the last decade, the number of years I could say that about have been far outnumbered by those that I couldn't wait to see the ass end of. But this-- this was a good year.

My one-word focus for the year-- fruition-- manifested amazing, powerful changes in my life. In our lives. I can't believe how many projects finally came to completion this year, many of which have been milling about for years without any forward motion.

Making a new life in a new state.
Working from home, full-time. As a full-time writer.
Kicking anxiety's ass. That's right, folks. I shop at CostCo now like it's no big deal.

And this month we finally sold our house, our last tie to Boulder City and our former life. FINALLY. After only 2.5 years on the market (under contract for the full two, just waiting for the bank to approve the short sale) and 1.5 years before that trying to modify the loan.


It was such a magical year that I debated for a while about keeping fruition on for my 2014 word too.

Then I realized that "fruition" itself has been brought to fruition. Its purpose has been fulfilled. It's bloomed. It's prospered. It's ripened on the bough, nourished us, strengthened us.

I've never felt more positive about heading into a new year. Not because I'm happy to leave this year behind, but because I really sucked the marrow out of this one. Of this year, and this word.

See you on the flip side, over at www.fillingyourniche.com.