I don't like 'about me' pages because right when my life solidifies enough to warrant official description is just about when everything changes up again. Well, almost everything. My eyes remain brown under all kinds of unexpected conditions.


I'm married to a furry, gentle soul named Dan. On our first date, he mentioned that he wasn't really an electrician but an artist. An artist myself, I asked what kind of work he did. He said, "I carve rocks into hearts." I said that was funny, because I'd been collecting heart-shaped rocks for years. A few years later, we got married; signs that clear are pretty rare.

First Day of Spring 2009

We each came into the marriage already packing offspring. Miss G is my daughter; Miss L is his. They're the same age, only a few months apart. And now both officially teenagers, god help us.

They're still pretty cute though.

I've worked candy shops and computers and customer service and construction. I've gone from stay-at-home mom to working mom to overtime mom. Now I'm working for myself.

I paint and write and garden practice deep breathing when I get overwhelmed. I aim for posting on Tuesdays. Unless I'm really cranky or something goes horribly, horribly wrong.