Year of the Honey Badger

If you spend any amount online, you've probably heard of the honey badger, an animal that just does not give a crap.

If not, feel free to catch up by watching this video. We'll wait for you.

(Oh, and dislaimer... in case the title "Crazy Nastyass HoneyBadger" wasn't by itself a giveaway, there's a goodly amount of profanity in this. Consider yourself warned.)

The awesome not-giving-a-crap-ness of the honey badger has led to an explosion of Internet memes, etsy jewelry, stickers and sweatshirts.

This year's bday present from my mom, by the way.

Beneath the blatant kitsch, however, honesty lurks.

The honey badger recognizes what's important. Honey. Eating snakes. Whatever. And he doesn't let the nonessentials distract him from his goal, no matter how intimidating those nonessentials may be.

This has given rise to a secondary (or possibly tertiary) movement of embracing the honey badger as a role model, or maybe as a life metaphor (and you guys know how much I love those!)

When you look at your life from the perspective of a honey badger, you realize how many things really don't matter. They're often the same things that are holding you back. Much like the Buddhist precept of non-attachment, only by leaving the toxic and nonessential behind can you move forward.

It isn't that the honey badger doesn't give a crap. It's that the honey badger doesn't waste time on the stuff that just doesn't matter. I freaking love that idea.

The proverbial bee stings and snake venom in your own life? Forget 'em. Move on. Be true to your goal.

Nothing fazes the honey badger.


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