Much like anything you do constantly, writing is now exhausting me. It's ironic, I guess, that writing more-than-full-time means I'm dropping the blog ball. You'd think if I'm writing anyway, why not this too? Right?


Well, anyway.

Here's the progress update on my venture into self-publishing. I put my first book up in the last week of January. It sold 14 copies by February. Now, that doesn't sound like much, but an average of 2 books sold per day for a brand-new author with no other works, no reviews, and no 'also-bought' listings is a promising start.

Book Two went up about a week ago, and sold 3 copies in the first day.

Book Three is due out this week. Then I combine Books One thru Three into a trilogy and publish that. Should have another book out in a few more days.

I am completely, completely exhausted. But with every sale number that moves up, and every penny that goes into that royalties account (over $40 whole dollars!!), I think "Wow. This-- might actually work."

I have had a lot of crazy ideas about how to support myself and what to do with my life, but it is just-- I know there are better words for it but my brain is kinda numb, so forgive me-- but REALLY FREAKING COOL that one of them might work. Not just work, but work long-term. Work to give us not just a living wage, but also the flexible lifestyle we want-- hanging out with the kids, camping and hiking, traveling. Everything we want. Everything we want, doing something I love.

Totally worth the exhaustion.


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    1. Josh, it's all smut at the moment. Once I have some 'real' stuff up, I'll spread the word. Promise.

  2. I came across your blog by accident, and within ten minutes, I am totally, intensely, completely inspired. Thank you, Mz M. You are wonderful.

    1. What a great compliment! And inspiration to get caught up on posts again... ;)