In Between

I am not a fan of in-between. I like to be either here or there. I am currently neither here nor there, however; I'm en route from here to there.

I'm spending a couple here-nor-there days in Taos, which has the perfect mystical quality to absorb in-between angst. I like to describe it as "all the magic of my hometown, minus the baggage and obligation."

Casita Montoya, home for 2 nights. 

The fantasticness of Taos is making my pictures blurry.

This morning I went for a walk to see if the "within walking distance to the Plaza!" claim made for my casita was an exaggeration. 

It wasn't. 

It's like they knew I was coming...

God, I love it here. I hate repeating myself, but it is so magical. I'm excited for a new life in Colorado, but even more excited for the tides to turn again and lead us here to stay. Someday. Once I move fully from here to there.

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  1. Thanks dear, is great to hear some of your inner thoughts during the changes. Love u Maar, Mitch