I had this dream a few nights ago that I was riding a bike, the kind with baskets on either side of the back wheel. In the baskets were some books and other things, and I was biking my way to a new life.

I was traveling light; all my stuff was in storage somewhere. Yet, as I cut across the BSU campus (clearly the most direct route from Nevada to Colorado), there were all my worldly belongings laid out across folding tables. Right in front of Tamarack Hall.

The guys running my end-of-an-era clearance sale were very friendly, although they had no idea who I was. As I browsed through my own belongings I asked a few questions about prices, which they answered with a smile in between assisting other customers. There were a few things I was tempted to purchase and bring along; I had plenty of room in the bike baskets still.

Then, I set down everything I was holding, got back on my bike and left. The bike wheels whizzed across the grass; the wind smelled like fresh green; my cheeks hurt from smiling so wide.

I woke up still smiling.