The Last Time Game

When something big is about to happen-- like, say, a move-- I start playing the Last Time Game. You know the one.

This is the last time I'll ever scrub this toilet or vacuum this floor. This is the last time eating at our favorite little Greek place. This is the last time I'll be able to buy Trader Joe's brand... well, anything, I guess. (Till those guys get it together in Colorado, anyway.) This is the last time I'll write a blog post from this house. 

Along with the Last Time Game, you can play the No More Game.

No more 114 degree weather. No more sleeping in the hottest room of the house. No more Bermuda grass. No more constant exposure to the armpit of humanity and its horrible driving. No more miles upon miles of nothing but stark brown landscape.

The goat is cute, but can't make this view less brown. 

And then there's the "At Least for a While" game.

No more waking up to someone who makes me laugh even before I leave the bed. At least, for a while.
No more family pancake mornings. At least, for a while.
No more Battlestar Galactica marathons with Miss G. At least, for a while.

That last game, I can't play very long because I'm a crier.

The best game, though, is the uncovering of new things in a new place. New Greek restaurants. Family pancake breakfasts in a new dining room. New scenery: greens and mountains and trees. New weather: thunderheads and blizzards and everything in between. Better people. A better future.

Next stop: Colorado.

I don't know how to photoshop anything so this image is totally legit. 


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