Circumstantial Insomnia

Having a kid attached is pretty much dating kryptonite, so sleeping alone is nothing new. And Dan hasn’t been in the picture all that long-- not compared to the pre-Dan portion of my life, anyway. He goes camping without me, I go on trips without him, we spend a pretty good amount of time apart. I can sleep alone no problem. Actually, I enjoy it... taking over the middle of the bed, sleeping with the fan on and the porch door open-- both of which make Dan nuts. And no one to complain about me stealing all the covers. (Whatever. I do not.)

But not this weekend. All my sleep has run short and crappy sans Dan. Friday, I was still not tired when I turned lights out around 2, waaay past normal bedtime. And then woke up around 5 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Last night, I turned the lights out around 10:30 to even things out. After a while of smooshing pillows this way and that and still no closer to sleep, I got up and read a book. Finished it. Wrote for a while. Played bookworm. And still got up before sunshine appeared.

It’s a little embarrassing. I don’t want to be one of ‘those’ people. I’m stubborn and independent, probably too much of both. I’m inherently solitary; I look forward to my ‘me’ time when he’s not around. But this weekend was just-- different. Bad trip mojo or something, I dunno.

I can’t wait to steal all the covers from him tonight when he gets back.


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