Missing Miss G

Miss G has been in Minnesota since school got out, visiting her dad’s parents. She comes home tomorrow, exactly when I’ve reached the point of not being able to stand her absence for one more day.

The world is not right without her constant chatter, her random popping in and out of the house. I don’t do well without her here. Life is dull. I get too serious, too stuck in my head.

Her being is so fiercely substantial that other people are now vapid by comparison. Her relentless logic is addictive. Her energy levels-- though exhausting-- are grounding, somehow; I can’t be flighty while bracing myself to withstand the pure optimistic force that is my daughter.

It staggers me that out of the billions of women in this world, I am the one who was chosen to raise this little sunbeam. It’s an honor I don’t take lightly.

This is crazy. I have to learn how to live without her when she goes off to college and starts a life of her own. I don’t see my feelings on this issue changing in the mere six years before that happens. How do other parents handle this? Or am I just bizarrely addicted to my child in a way that other parents aren’t?

Is it tomorrow yet?


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