"Spring" Cleaning

Every spring and every fall, I feel really inspired to clean out closets and drawers, unload and re-prioritize.  But I rarely get around to actually doing any of that in spring or in fall.  Instead, the Great Purge lands right around Christmas time.

I think it's the by-product of holiday exasperation.  I'm looking around the house at the piles of unused stuff lying around, looking at the kids' rooms and the total disregard they have for their belongings, and contemplating purchasing yet more crap that will end up in one of those two categories-- useless or abandoned-- and it makes me just snap.  Everything useless or cluttered or old or unworn or irritating has to go.  Immediately.  Today.

You know that magazine, Real Simple?  Everything in it is so clean and zen, so calming and peaceful.  I love the idea of being that crisp, clean lines with everything in its place. Although I am just not that person, and I don't think I could live somewhere that sterile, there is a world of middle ground in between Real Simple and my disaster area of a house.  I know I could be doing better. 

I can only blame the constant remodeling for a small portion of my disaster.  I categorize the rest of it under mental columns like "poor priorities" or "working too many hours" or sometimes "just screw it."  I dream about the day that I will get everything organized and then just be able to maintain.  That's possible... right?


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