Kid Snippet

The kids like to mess with our electronics. Regularly, without anyone knowing, they change our ring tones, our contact names, and each other's passwords. It's a friendly kind of rivalry.

Tonight, Miss L called Dan from her Mom's house, looking for Miss G. Turns out Miss G changed the passcode on her iPod last weekend so Miss L can't access it. Her mother has grounded her until she can unlock the iPod, because this has happened multiple times now, and she feels Miss L is being irresponsible, and doesn't want to deal with calling tech support on principle.

Miss G is at youth group during all this. After she gets home, I ask her if Miss L called her yet. She says yes, but she never changed the passcode. Well, she did, earlier. But then she changed it back and didn't change it again. So it should be the old passcode still; Miss L just forgot what it was.

It was a typically bizarre/intriguing kid cross-section.

Questions going forward:

Will Miss L still continue letting Miss G use her iPod, or will she cut her off?
Will being grounded teach Miss L to be more responsible? Or, failing that, teach her to not mess with other people's passcodes in order that her own passcodes not be messed with?
Will Miss G ever learn what a boundary is? EVER?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned.


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