Art is a black hole

I've been absorbed by art projects this weekend. Dan & Miss G are in Reno visiting Miss L, so it's just me and the dogs and several large surfaces to spread out alllll over.

It's been a really long time since I've made stuff just for the sake of making stuff. When I had a non-creative job, I thought I wanted a creative job. When I had a creative job, I had no juice left for my own projects; it all got used up at work. I don't even remember the last painting I did for myself.

Creativity isn't supposed to be draining. It's supposed to fuel--invigorate-- inspire. I forgot about that part, until this weekend.

I keep forgetting to eat. I look up and it's afternoon and I only made toast for breakfast. I meant to add eggs and stuff, but I just-- forgot. There are three days of dishes in the sink. Serious, serious vacuuming needs to happen.

But that's okay. It was a really productive weekend. And I can get all the chores done today. Right after... okay, just this one little thing that needs tweaking...


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