Okay. This might not look like much. But here's the story:

A couple of the cacti there were blown over, poor things, and needed to be replanted. Meanwhile, Bermuda grass (which I'm convinced is a sentient species... but that's another blog post entirely) had taken over some sections of yard, including the cactus. And a nice feathery bush with little yellow flowers was planted too close to the fence, and getting squished.

So-- step one, moved bush. Step two, removed Bermuda grass. (This involves two solid feet of dirt and roots more than it sounds) Step 3, set cacti back upright with special rock supports.

Also, I arranged Dan's bone collection (and a very small portion of his rock collection) in pots along the rockway there.

It's only a tiny 'after'. But it's one more 'after' than I had at this time yesterday.


  1. Looks good Maarit! So different from NW gardens! But I bet they are A LOT lower maintenance! How are things? How is Dan, the job?? Thinking of you!

  2. Really like seeing the before/during/after photos. Shows great progress and promise.