Waiting Forever Room

I picked Dan up early from work, and we drove to meet his surgeon. We filled out paperwork, and then we waited for the appointment time. Then we kept waiting. The flock thinned as folk were herded back into the nether regions.

Not us though. We kept waiting.

And waiting.

Dan leans over and whispers, “I bet we can out-wait all these other patients, honey.”

I am thankful every single day for a man who makes me laugh all the time. Even in an oncologist’s waiting room.

Dan kept me giggling until we finally get into the exam room approximately six years later. I mostly regained composure at that point-- minus one instance of Dan running to the bathroom, then running back into the exam room with a breathless “Did I miss him?” which set me off again.

Once the doc came in, we tried to be more serious and grown-up. We used words like ‘thyroidectomy’ and discussed the importance of calcium levels after surgery. The doc answered all our (very serious! very grown-up!) questions patiently and thoroughly. He then asks us if we have any further questions.

Dan says, “Ooh-- ! Yes. Will I have to shave my beard?”

(Answer: “Tilt back your head for me? -- Nah, we should be fine.”)

I love Dan to pieces. I love his attitude, like this is just another rock to climb in the middle of all our other rock-climbing adventures. And I think it must be contagious, because I’m feeling a little climby about all this myself these days.


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