Commence NaBloWriMo

Okay... I've got my water. I've got my floss. And it's officially October 1st, so it's time to kick off NaBloWriMo (yeah, okay, I had to cheat and look at the official site to spell that.) A blog a day, every day, for the month of October.

Around mid-September, I looked at the calendar and thought-- no way I'm doing it this year. October's crazy. Miss L flies in tonight, Oct 1. Dan's mom visiting from Hawaii tomorrow. She's here for a week, and I'm helping shovel out their house for the final move over in December. We have to finish remodeling their bathroom, clean out the storage shed and the back yard, and move their piano and any other large, heavy furniture we want over to our house. The community garden that's open twice a year opens this weekend, and we need to buy all our front yard plants. And plant them. The library has its $2/bag book sale (*squee!*), and it's Art in the Park as well. Then my family's visiting, there's the Renaissance Festival, and my birthday. 

That's the first week of October.

So-- not a good month for this. I thought, maybe next year. When things are calmer.

Then I thought, I add that thought to EVERYthing-- 'when things are calmer.' But they're never calmer. Not long-term. Sure, there's the odd quiet week here or there-- but mostly, my life is like this. A little nuts. Maybe it's time I just freakin' roll with that instead of fighting it all the time. And-- hey, with so much going on, it'll be no problem writing every day. Right?

So, I signed up for NaWro.... [checks the site]... er, NaBloWriMo. What's one more little thing?


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