Happy Birthday, me!

It's my birthday today.

To celebrate, my family descended upon me with Greek food from our favorite little place. Just right.

It was a relief to have a celebratory birthday for a change. The last few years, my birthday has coincided with some seriously crappy mojo. This year, it's coincided instead with the first glimmer of our house being suitable for company. I mean-- we have miles to go before we sleep and all that. We still walk on plywood floors. I can still touch both walls of the bathroom with my elbows if I'm standing sideways. And the front yard... oh god, the front yard...

But-- An evening of hummus and wine has gone a long way to making me feel less transitional. Maybe what the house needed was a party instead of another coat of paint.

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  1. I think I may be late, but either way, Happy (belated) Birthday!!