I know just enough about computers & programming to get into trouble, and not quite enough to figure out how to get myself back out. I tried to change some stuff on my blog template about a week ago and things got all wonky. Finally I just switched to a new template and hoped my dad (the computer guru) would throw me a lifeline when he came to town this weekend.

So, today was the day. Dad and I jumped down the HTML rabbit hole. He's a good guide, but it's dark and scary down there. And there doesn't seem to be a quick-n-easy crash course; it's all really involved. But the scariest part about it is that-- well, I might really like it.

I don't need one more thing to be into right now. Because there's no half-assedness about me when I'm into something. It's utter immersion. I start on a project-- mudding a ceiling, let's say-- and I forget to eat lunch; it's dinnertime and there's no groceries. The world outside my project disintegrates. I forget things like packing lunches, laundry, renewing my drivers' license (oops).

Being a mom is already full-time, plus the full-time home improvements. Add painting and writing to that and I'm booked solid. Plus I added gardening to my list of addictions. My hours are full, and I love it that way, but family dinners have become decidedly less balanced now that I shirk my meal-planning to sketch instead. Or weed. Or jot down ideas.

If only I could focus like this on housework.


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