Autumn's Brink

Okay, here’s what happened. My brother got married on July 31, which was a Saturday. That took up the first weekend I didn’t write. The following weekend was the Centennial Celebration of our family cabins. By then my computer had been off long enough that I was real grouchy at the idea of turning the thing back on; I didn’t write that weekend either. I then misplaced the laptop somewhere in between MN and NV the next week, neatly preventing yet another weekend’s writing. (It turned up at my sister’s house in CO.)

So here we are, in August. The computer and I-- and both dogs, both girls and Dan-- are all home safe and sound.

The last month has been perfect. It confirmed what I’ve suspected the last few years: that under other circumstances and significantly less stress, the four of us function pretty great as a family. It was good to be reminded of that... good to send Miss L off with cheerful memories; good for the rest of us to keep some here as well.

I taught the girls how to play poker this summer. And gin rummy. And hearts. They spent long lazy days never leaving the lake-- I’m sure they peed in it-- and late nights playing cards and watching movies. Many Eskimo pies were eaten. Much lemonade was slugged. Exactly how summers should be spent.

While in MN, I finally cleaned out my storage unit. I went through every single box and unloaded many pointless things from multiple lives, none of which I’m living anymore. I’ve never been scuba diving, but I now know exactly how it feels to drop weights while kicking for the surface.

In finding places in our house for the things I brought back with me, I find they’ve had a purgative effect instead of contributing to clutter. I’ve shoved buckets of the unwanted and unneeded right out the door into donation bags.

I’m sleeping better and breathing more deeply than I have in months.

I’m at Autumn’s threshold, the season weighted with the most potential. School supplies have been purchased. Immunizations are lined up for later this week. Dan says, “This is the year of Us, honey.” And I say, “No. We get the whole decade.”

I am so ready.


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