The Wiz

About six months ago, Dan found hundreds of dollars' worth of flagstone someone dumped out in the desert. Scavenging packrat that he is, he scooped it up for possible future use. We unloaded his truck, leaning domino stacks of the stuff across the front of the house and all along the fence, while visions of a front patio danced in our heads.... maybe wrapped around to the kitchen... with enough left over for various small projects. (Like little back side yards!)

Thank god we didn't start out with the front porch; we would have only made it a quarter of the way through before running out. It looked like so much material when it was piled up around the front yard. Laid down flat, turns out it wasn't so much after all.  We had exactly the just-right, serendipitous amount for the Little Back Side Yard, plus miscellaneous little pieces left over. They'll be just right for making walkways between the floating veggie planters out front.

Laying the flagstone out, although it took most of the day, was far less hassle than I'd anticipated. In my mind, I put things off because of the complications involved (At least, I guess that's why I put things off. Does anyone really know why they procrastinate?) --so to find it wasn't that much work after all made me feel... well, ridiculous.

 How many other things in my life are Wizards of Oz, built up to enormous, intimidating proportions? Are all the things I avoid confronting just scared little men behind curtains?


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