I visited my folks over the weekend.  They live in a retirement community (they call it "Oldsville") that offers consistent hilarity to all of us.  An email from my dad:

There is a report, in the local paper, of a golf cartbicycle collision the other day.  Police are trying to piece together the accident but neither driver remembers much about it.  There were no witnesses.

Thank god my parents are maintaining a sense of humor as they age.  I'll start to worry once this kind of thing doesn't seem funny to them anymore.


  1. That is so funny!
    My great uncle, who is not all "there" mentally, remarked to my dad who is going bald that he needed to stop flying the airplanes with the windows open as it was blowing all his hair off! He said it will all seriousness, then broke out in mad laughter at his own joke!

  2. OMG, so funny Maarit! Please post to FB... it is too funny!