Spring Break

It's exasperating that the people who could most use a vacation-- parents-- are the same people least likely to get one.  Any parent who's gone on a family "vacation" with little kids will tell you it's a contradiction in terms.

My vacation this year starts today: day one of Spring Break.  Dan has taken Miss L and the dogs camping for the week. Miss G is visiting her dad's parents in Florida.  I thought about somewhere, and thought-- no, what I really need is not to plan or coordinate anything.  So until next Sunday, it's just me, the cat, and my Netflix queue.

There are desserts in the freezer that I won't have to share bites of with anyone.  Things I put away will stay put away.  No one will leave school books and shoes in the middle of the hall.  No one will drag gobs of dried grass and clumps of fur onto any freshly vacuumed floors.  No one will trail muddy garden footprints across any clean kitchen floors the same day I mop.  There are no swim meets or piano recitals this week.  I can sleep with the windows open.  I don't need to get up early to make breakfast or pack school lunches.  I can eat crackers in bed.  I will not have to stop writing to start dinner.

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  1. I am so jealous Maarit. So jealous....but you'll miss them terribly by Tuesday. :) So glad you have blessed time to yourself. Do pamper yourself somehow... get a facial or a pedicure or something! ;)